20mm XL Fat Laces
20mm XL Fat Laces
Do you like fat laces?
BBoy Laces XL Fat Laces are superior to all others. FACT!
You no longer have to rely on those weak, flimsy, poor excuses for fat laces available elsewhere....
Click here and bless your sneakers with true bboy style.

BBoy Laces medium fat laces are similar to those supplied with retro sneakers such as the adidas Superstar & Puma Clyde.
They are high quality shoe laces, in bright and vibrant colours - with a weave far superior to most 15mm laces on the market.
15mm Medium Fat Laces
15mm Medium Fat Laces

Vintage Style Laces
Vintage Style Laces
BBoy Laces Vintage Style laces are a high quality 100% cotton lace designed for use with retro or original vintage sneakers such as the adidas Superstar Vintage.
They are strong and tough yet soft and available in the standard natural cotton or several hand-dyed colours.

Welcome to the Bboy Laces website.

Bboy Laces design, manufacture and sell the best fat shoe laces available.

Focusing on oldschool / retro style, our laces have a worldwide following from those looking to upgrade their sneakers - our laces transform a well-weathered pair or add the perfect finishing touch to some fresh kicks.

BBoy laces are able to offer higher quality products due to our unusual product-led rather than profit-driven attitude. Find out more information on this and our goals here.

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