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PURE GOLD in service

" Big ups to this website and the homie TOM for having the exclusive ish. I shouted all my People from USA, UK, Trinidad, and here in Toronto to check out the gear. Great service, exceptional shipping, very attentive. And in a world of terrible customer service and quality; Tom did it up. Big respect. Thanks again.

Bigga "
Bigga — T-Dot, Canada, 11 January 2013

The Mutts Nuts!

" Always really helpful.
What a great place to shop!
Niiice!! "
Joe Grafton — Shropshire, Great Britain, 06 April 2012

Great authentic product

" Very satisfied- a way great purchase... "
Addamson Fazio — Columbus, Ohio, 18 January 2012

fully awesome

" excellent site, excellent customer service, quality products, and fast shipping even to the states. and as if that wasn't enough offers up some great guides too. "
aric G — DFW, TX, 11 December 2011

Always excellent

" In these days of uncertainty and shoddy service, its always good to know that BBoylaces give excellent customer service and amazing value. As someone that refers customers TO the site, I never ever get bad reports. Always delivers. "
Anth Osborne — UK, 11 December 2011

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