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True Headz know where it's at

" B Boy Laces are simply the best! I make customised caps styled with fat laces, inspired by the b boy styles I grew up rocking in the mid 80s. When I started the business, I was buying cheap laces from eBay. Then I tried a few pairs of the premium 20mm fatties from B Boy Laces and saw the difference immediately - I had a custom order from a loyal B Boy Laces customer who insisted on them being used in his hats. No snagging when lacing, extra plump, vibrant colours, and they hold their shape perfectly. They add an extra layer of quality to my product, and have that authentic connection to hip hop culture that's really satisfying to me and my customers. I love them in my kicks too!

The premium price is well worth it for the upgrade in quality. TrueHeadzClothing is now proud to use B Boy Laces. Tom's customer service and attention to detail is another reason for making the switch. "
Neil Taylor — Minneapolis, MN, United States, 30 April 2017

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